What to Expect: 3 steps to Health

Our chiropractic office uses state-of-the-art technology to provide every practice member the specific scientific chiropractic care they deserve, so you can  reach your optimal health level.

Step 1: One-on-one consultation:

Your initial visit will begin with a brief tour of the office so that you can begin to feel comfortable with the space and learn more about how we can support your health goals. A team member will then meet with you to review your health history, current state of health and your health goals.

Our team will complete a complimentary health insurance benefits check for your convenience. We ask that you please bring a photo ID and your health insurance information with you at this visit.

Step 2: Neurological Assessment

To pinpoint the root cause of your health concerns and gather objective data to direct your health care recommendations, we complete a neurological chiropractic evaluation using Insight technology. We will also utilize x-ray technology to gather structural images of your spine, as needed.

This information will allow Dr. Ben to develop personalized recommendations for care and help you reach your health goals.

Dr. Ben will thoroughly review your health history and chiropractic evaluation findings after this visit and prepare a personalized plan for care moving forward.

Step 3: Personalized Recommendations

Your second and most important visit will be your individual Report of Findings. At this visit Dr. Ben will take time to review your chiropractic x-ray images, neurological evaluation and comprehensive recommendations for your chiropractic care.

We will review your health insurance benefits, if applicable, as well as affordable payment options. You always have a choice and voice in our office and will never feel pressured to do anything that makes your uncomfortable.

You will receive your first adjustment at this visit. This is the starting point of your journey to achieving the health- and life- you desire.

Your New Gateway to Health!
This is very important for you to understand: THIS IS A TWO WAY PROCESS! We will adjust you and educate you on an ongoing basis, but you will have to put forth your effort in order to see the results we are looking for.